Lets try something.

Go make yourself a cup of coffee, come back, sit down and relax for a minute.

You may not be able to feel the breeze blowing through the palms or hear the ocean waves, but you can imagine what it would be like if you could. So relax, breathe and take in the views from wherever you may be.

My favorite part about sharing my work online is the stories and connections I make with my viewers. So often I am approached or messaged and told by my friends on Facebook that they look forward to seeing what scene I have captured that morning as they sip on their daily cup of coffee.

To me, no matter where my audience may be in the world, the ability to bring joy and connectivity to people while they take a break from the real world is what ‘Ohana is all about. You all are my neighbors, my friends, my family and the reason why I wake up each morning searching for the magnificent greatness and beauty this island provides us.

My career has revolved around creativity and the sky is the limit on what we can do in the world or digital prints - if you can imagine it, we can figure it out. No idea is too crazy.

Until then, enjoy your Hawaii Drake Coffee Break.

Richard Drake
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