CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO: A Morning with Richard Drake - By Roy Kimura


What started as a hobby has blossomed into a passion that Richard Drake is hungry to share with the world.

After working over forty years in the film industry, Richard picked up his own camera and started taking morning photos near his house in his hometown of Kailua, Oahu. Realizing his mainland friends might miss the breathtaking landscapes, he started posting the photos on Facebook and slowly developed a following of daily viewers anxious to see island life through Richard's eyes each morning paired with their coffee.

Soon people from all over the world started to buy the photos online and now Richard's work can be seen in retirement homes, doctor's waiting rooms and hotels around Hawaii. As a lifelong resident of Kailua, Richard can tell endless stories about locations of each of his photos - both personal and historical. His passion for photography and his love of the islands comes through in each of his amazing photos. Owning one of his photos is like waking up with a little bit of Hawaii in your life every day.